Porcelain -
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Porcelain benchtops and splashbacks are new product to the market and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use due to its hard wearing durability and non porous attributes. The product also comes in many colours and textures with the flexibility of different slab sizes, which is ideal for large islands with no join lines. 

Porcelain slabs are made from from a variety of aggregates mainly consisting of  clay and silica with natural mineral oxides that are baked at a high temperature whilst under a huge amount of pressure that then produce the slabs that we see. Due to its manufacturing process its is produced being virtually non porus, scratch, impact and heat resistant. Porcelain slabs are ideal for outdoor facades as the slab is impervious to UV light and won’t change colour over a period of time.

Porcelain is cut and installed by specially trained stonemasons that have the right knowledge and equipment. Stone Solutions have been dealing with porcelain since the product’s initial release giving us an edge, knowing the do’s and don’ts when working with the product.