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Neolith Porcelain Stone Kitchen Benchtop Sydney -Zaha-Stone


Porcelain stone kitchen benchtops may also be known as sintered compact surfaces or ultra compact. Porcelain benchtops are made of high-density, low-porosity ceramic slabs. Porcelain is a new material to be used as surfacing in the kitchen

Porcelain Benchtop Popularity

The popularity of this stone kitchen benchtop product has grown dramatically in Europe over the last few years.  Its recent introduction into the Australian market, it is become a sought after stone kitchen benchtop material.  But the kitchen is not the only place in our home that you can use this revolutionary product. This ultra-compact porcelain surface may be considered for any room in your home or commercial applications.


Porcelain Benchtop Perfect for Food preparation zones

Its high density and low porosity makes porcelain ideal. The material is highly resistant to foods and liquids absorbing into the surface. Porcelain’s hardness also makes it excellent around cutting surfaces as it has exceptional scratching and abrasion resistance.

Porcelain Benchtops Ideal around gas cooktops and ovens:

Porcelain is heat and fire resistant, making it an excellent stone benchtop and splashback surface around gas cooktops and ovens.

Porcelain Benchtops Won’t fade in sunlight:

A high UV resistance means a porcelain benchtop will not fade in direct sunlight.


Porcelain Kitchen Benchtop Sydney Neolith Porcelain CDK Stone-Basalt-Grey-Sydney Stonemason

Neolith Porcelain

Neolith Porcelain Virtually Indestructible.

Of all the stone kitchen benchtop materials available today, Neolith Porcelain we use is the most resistant to heat, scratching, chipping and staining. No need for cutting boards or trivets, hot pots and pans can be placed directly onto the kitchen benchtop.

Porcelain Stone Benchtop Installation

Porcelain is cut and installed by specially trained stonemasons that have the right knowledge and equipment. Stone Solutions Stonemasons Sydney have been working with porcelain since the product’s initial release giving us an edge.

Stone Solutions Porcelain Benchtop Suppliers

Stone Solutions - CDK Stone Neolith Estatuario - Porcelain Benchtop - Sydney Installation

CDK Stone – Neolith

Neolith Porcelain Stone kitchen benchtop is transforming imagination into functionality. Neolith is the premium fashion kitchen benchtop stone. Neolith synergises the utmost design principles with functionality, resulting in a scratch, stain and heat-resistant surface

Stone Solutions - Dekton Liquid Shell - Porcelain Benchtop - Sydney Installation

Cosentino – Dekton

Dekton’s raw materials manage to create a sophisticated and appropriate material for all cooking styles. Its versatile characteristics make it possible to design benchtops for indoors and outdoors, maintaining all the unqiue advantages of the material.

Stone Solutions - Smartstone Atlas Plan Calacatta Extra - Porcelain Benchtop - Sydney Installation

Smartstone – Atlas Plan

The wait is over for Porcelain Benchtop Sydney surfaces. Eagerly anticipated by many of Smartstone’s architecture and interior design clientele, have now arrived in Australia. Click see more to explore our Smartstone Porcelain page.

Stone Solutions - Avant Stone Calacatta Oro Extra - Porcelain Benchtop - Sydney Installation

Avant Stone – Porcelain

Avant Stone carries a range of  porcelain benchtops which are available in unique designs, such as marble look and stone look. Amongst our SinTerra collection, the marble look porcelain slabs are the most popular. Click see more to explore Avant Stone’s Colour Range.


These kitchen stone benchtop materials including natural stone (e.g quartz, marble and granite), engineered stone (list above including kitchen stone benchtop overlay), and (new) Neolith Porcelain sintered compact surface.

We are one of the preferred Sydney Stonemason of the following well known importers, manufacturers and brands.

SmartstoneEssastone, CaesarstoneQuantum Quartz (WK Stone)SilestoneNaturastone and Neolith (CDK Stone).

We provide quality kitchenbathroom, laundry and commercial services in Sydney.

We look forward to the pleasure of you being our next satisfied customer.

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Our ongoing success is not only due to the quality of our work; it’s down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat our customers


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