COVID-19 Care Procedures | Stone Solutions Sydney
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COVID-19 Care Procedures

COVID-19 Care Policy and Procedures

We will keep everyone updated and informed with what our Government and leaders will do.

We support you, your health and safety, and your kitchen and benchtop needs during this challenging time.

To protect the health & wellbeing of our Customers and our Teams, where it may be possible we are asking politely for all non-essential contact to be made by via email or phone calls. You can still obtain quality information and quotations from the comfort and safety of your own home, office or work. We ask for any interaction please to be made via email or phone.

Email: is the best form of contact, including request for a call back. (We will be prompt). 

We are following the advice from the Australian Government and Health Leaders (  We have preventative measures in place for the COVID-19.  We have taken precautionary steps to ensure our staff are using hygiene measures across our business. We have also reinforced our policy if staff are ever feeling unwell or show symptoms of cold, fever, or flu to stay at home. We respectfully ask our customers to do the same when a site check or installation is scheduled.

We will be as committed and innovative as possible to insure there will be least as possible disruption to our service.  Be assured we are trying every way possible to keep our staff in their jobs and always provide you the very best customer care.

Attendance on site will include the following safety measures.

  • All staff will wear appropriate safety equipment including gloves and masks.
  • All surfaces installed and or handled by our staff will be thoroughly cleaned prior site departure.
  • Thorough surface cleaning and disinfecting will ensure that any potentially contaminated surface is left in a clean and hygienic condition.

A huge thank you to everyone for your understanding in this difficult time, we hope to continue to provide you with the best service!

Stay Safe everyone, we will get through this!

The Stone Solutions Team