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Safe benchtops for the family

Safebrication of Low Silica Benchtops

Stone Solutions Sydney install the best available low silica products using the latest technology. Low Silica Caesarstone, Smartstone, Silestone are still available until 30th June 2024 or we offer porcelain or natural stone options. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the range of options. One product selected, your new kitchen benchtop is safely fabricated off site at Stone Solutions, Safebrication”.

Step 1 On site attendance for detailed site check measure and consultation.

Step 2 Pre-fabrication drawings produced for approval.

Step 3 Your new kitchen benchtops created by the Stone Solutions team using the Breton Genya bridge saw, see how below.

Step 4 Installation of your pre-fabricated kitchen benchtops.

Safebrication Cutting Process


Smartstone NEWGEN Low Silica

Smartstone’s new product Ibrido has a silica content which is one of the lowest available in Australia, thanks to its unique Smartstone NewGen formulation. This innovative formulation sets industry standards in product responsibility, and its 56% recycled content highlights Smartstone’s dedication to environmental care and sustainability.

HybriQ® Silestone® reduces silica content

Cosentino launched Silestone HybriQ® where they drastically reduced the percentage of crystalline silica in its composition, creating a new product category: Mineral HybriQ® Surfaces.

Caesaratone Safety through low-silica transformation

Caesaratones comprehensive variety of low silica products using innovative technology combines unique minerals such as Albite (Feldspar), recycled materials such as glass and other advanced materials, creating a synergetic effect that enhances each material’s best qualities while dramatically reducing the product’s crystalline silica content to less than 40%. This line of low-silica benchtops joins Caesarstones existing all-natural porcelain offering, which contains less than 20% crystalline silica. Caesaratone continue efforts to offer world-class, products safe for stonemasons to work with when taking the necessary safety measures.