Stone Benchtop Repairs - Stone Benchtop Repairs Sydney Stonemason
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Stone Benchtop Repairs

Stone Kitchen Countertop Repairs Sydney Stonemason Chip Repair

Stone Benchtop Repairs

Stone Benchtop Repairs Sydney By Stone Solutions

We attend to features Chip Repairs, Crack Repairs and Burn Mark Repairs on all types of stone benchtop surfaces such as Caesarstone, Silestone, Smartstone, Naturastone, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, Marble, Granite etc. Stone Benchtops are exposed to hard-wearing use and because of this chips and cracks can occur over time. Our Stone benchtop Repairs Sydney service is a one stop shop for our clients. Whether it’s an undermount sink edge that has been knocked one to many times or a rental property with somewhat less than forgiving tenants. Our Stone Benchtop Repairs Sydney service will help.


Stone Benchtop Chip Repairs Sydney

Stone solutions provides Bathroom and Stone Benchtop surface repairs. Our experienced Sydney Stonemason’s will use different techniques and materials ready to repair almost any bathroom or kitchen stone benchtop surface. Colour matching and/or clear resin, re-detailing and refinishing will give your Sydney Stone benchtop a revitalised look.

Stone Benchtop Chip Repair Process

Stone Benchtop Repair process starts with a clear resin to fill in the chip or colour match the filler and fill in. Once the Stone Benchtop chip has been filled in and the filler is dry, we then extensively polish over for the final finish.

Stone Benchtop Chip Repair Stone Solutions


Stone Benchtop Crack Repairs Sydney

Cracked Stone Benchtops can result in marble, natural and engineered stone. The cracking of a stone can adjust the strength of the stone. Excessive weight, incorrect installation or temperature can cause cracks on Stone Benchtops. If this is your problem, it is best to repair immediately to avoid further damage and cracking.

Stone Benchtop Crack Repair Process

  • Stone Benchtop will leveled and may need to be supported prior to repair.
  • The crack repair in a marble or natural stone benchtop will then be repaired in the same way a chip is repaired, using epoxy resin and coloured pigments which then hardens and is polished or honed to match your stone benchtop.
  • The crack repair in an engineered stone benchtop will be repaired using coloured UV glue and resin, hardened and polished or honed to match the existing finish of your stone benchtop.
Crack Repair Kitchen Stone Benchtop Stone SOlutions


Stone Kitchen Benchtops Burn Mark Repairs Sydney

Burn marks are the most difficult to Stone Kitchen Benchtop repair to complete correctly. We highly recommend that you place any hot item such as pots, frying pans, slow cookers, rice cookers etc onto a cutting board or stone benchtop protector. We do not grind away the stone as that would leave a dip and a very large dull spot in your Stone kitchen Benchtop.

Consequently the damage to the stone, quartz, pigments and substrate must be removed. Stone Kitchen Benchtop Burns range in severity where the darker the colour or into pink shades highlight the worst burn or heat damage.

Burns or Heat damage to stone kitchen benchtops is the hardest of the repairs and normally is around $650.00 to $1000 per repair. We will endeavour to return the surface back to the original condition. However the best alternate for Burn Mark Repairs we can recommend is Stone Overlay. 

Burn Mark Repair Kitchen Stone Benchtop
Kitchen Benchtop Sydney Stone Overlay New Product Wrap Stone over Laminate Countertop Stonemason Service

Kitchen Stone Overlay

Stone Kitchen Benchtop Repair – Overlay Option

Kitchen Makeovers Benchtop “Overlay Stone Solutions” creates the possibility of giving your existing kitchen a cost effective fresh look. Your new stone kitchen benchtops may be installed without the cost of changing cabinetry, plumbing and electrical. This potentially saves your kitchen budget thousands, whilst delivering stunning new stone kitchen benchtops.

Kitchen Stone Overlay is the best alternative for Burn Mark Repairs. Burn Mark Repairs are the most difficult to reconstruct correctly. Benefits of Overlay is a fresh new kitchen look, variety of colours you can choose from and no burn mark.



  • Attendance by experienced qualified Stonemason Sydney
  • Fully equipped mobile Sydney Stone Benchtop Service
  • Stone Benchtop repair Materials, Fillers and Resins
  • Specialised Stone Benchtop Polishing equipment

Stone Benchtop Chip Repairs:

The price for Stone Benchtop Chip Repairs is $280.00 and any subsequent chips whilst in attendance is $80.00 per repair. Your experienced Sydney Stonemason will discuss your Stone benchtop repairs at time of attendance.

Stone Benchtop Crack Repairs:

The price for Stone Benchtop Crack Repair is $330.00 to $440.00 and any subsequent repairs ie chips whilst in attendance is $80.00 per repair. Your experienced Sydney Stonemason will discuss your Stone benchtop repairs at time of attendance.

Stone Benchtop Burn Mark Repairs:

Depending on the level of Stone Benchtop damage, Burn Marks are notmally from $550.00 to $950.00. It is strongly recommended to use overlay stone as an alternative to attempting a stone benchtop repair.

All Stone Benchtop repairs will be repaired by an experienced  Qualified Sydney Stonemason on site.


These kitchen stone benchtop materials including natural stone (e.g quartz, marble and granite), engineered stone (list above including kitchen stone benchtop overlay), and (new) Neolith Porcelain sintered compact surface.

We are one of the preferred Sydney Stonemason of the following well known importers, manufacturers and brands.

SmartstoneEssastoneCaesarstoneQuantum Quartz (WK Stone)Silestone, Naturastone and Neolith (CDK Stone).

We provide quality kitchen, bathroom, laundry and commercial services in Sydney.

We look forward to the pleasure of you being our next satisfied customer.

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Our ongoing success is not only due to the quality of our work; it’s down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat our customers


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