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Absolutely Stunning


Stone is a lavish alternative to tiles it creates a luxurious look with minimum fuss. To achieve this large panels would be put into place for minimal join lines creating a slick , clean result. Stone is the perfect answer for wet areas, as it is durable to most household cleaning products, moulds, stains, scratches and mildew.


To achieve a not only aesthetically pleasing design but a durable, long lasting, hard wearing vanitie your best solution for the job would be stone or porcelain.
Here are the reasons why you should be choosing these finishes.
Stone is excellent for wet surfaces not only is it durable against scratches and stains but it is easy to clean with your average cleaning products.
You can achieve multiple looks and styles depending on the colour you choose.
Porcelain is a wonderful option as well due to its non-porous, heat resistant surface your colour will never fade or become discoloured. It is a very durable strong product it is easy to clean and creates a modern finish.