Choosing a Stone Benchtop Edge -
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Choosing a Stone Benchtop Edge

Stone Benchtop Sydney Mitred Edge Porcelain-Kitchen-Benchtop-Sydney-Neolith-Basalt-Grey

Choosing a Stone Benchtop Edge

In this Discuss we talk about what the different edges are and how to choose a finish best suited for you!
In our first post we mentioned where to start looking from the moment you start your search for a new benchtop. We note that it is important to find the right company and how to send them the correct information to get an accurate price.

In this article we will show you what options you have and what they entail. For you to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing benchtop, take the time to look and choose what edge best suits the atmosphere you want to create in your space.

The edge will represent the feel and look of your kitchen, such a small choice can have such a dramatic effect in setting the tone of your kitchen.
There are many different Edge thickness options available 20mm, 40mm, 30mm etc.
But the Thickness is not the only thing you can choose from, knowing your options are important! The edge shape gives a completely different undertone to how your stone benchtop is going to be admired.

20mm Pencil round: This is viewed as the child friendly design, with a slightly rounded edge yet still giving it a square finish giving this edge a softer and safer finish.

20mm Shark nose: This type of edge gives the illusion of a floating counter top with a sharp and dramatic angel.

20mm Arris: An Arris edge is a more detailed edge suited for a more French provincial or farmers style design.

20mm Bull nose: Bull nose edges are another child friendly finish; this edge is commonly found in childcares and places with small kids. This edge is great for cleaning purposes as its rounded all the way around making it easy to clean.

40mm pencil round with a mitred edge: This is your child friendly design elongated with the join line forming along the edge. By having a mitred edge with a pencil rounded edge gives the appearance that there isn’t a join line, this is because they can hide it along the edge and polish it out.

40mm pencil round with layered edge: A child friendly design with a thicker edge allowing the join line to fall in the middle of two 20mm pieces. This gives a layered effect as the join line is discrete but still noticed. This type of edge is done by your stonemason it is not a prefabricated finish by the stone manufactures.

40mm shark nose layered edge: The shark nose paired with a 40mm gives the benchtop a more edger bolder statement. Still giving your benchtop a floating affect but showing off that sharper angel. With this edge the join line is sandwiched between the two 20mm pieces of stone but its hidden due to the polished angel.

40mm Half bull nose layered edge: A half bull nose is not a completely rounded edge like the 20mm Bull Nose. The top edge is completely rounded with the join line meeting in the middle between the two pieces of 20mm stone and finishing off with the bottom edge square. As the join line is in the middle it is discrete but still noticed your stonemason should polish it so that the join line is minimal.

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