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Engineered Stone Sydney

Engineered Stone What you need to know!

We have extensively reviewed the latest government data available, extracted information from Australia’s major suppliers, Caesarstone, Smartstone, Cosentino (Silestone) and WK Stone (Quantam Quartz). This page is a summary of the latest information available regarding engineered stone.

  • Engineered Stone is available from major suppliers and can be installed until 30th June 2024.
  • New alternative products will be available from March 2024 for installation.
  • Natural Stone and Porcelain products are available for installation now.
  • Safe fabrication and installation is available from Stone Solutions Sydney now.



“Q: As the owner of a Smartstone engineered stone benchtop, does this surface pose a safety risk?

A: No. Installed engineered stone is a completely safe material; issues surrounding the product are caused by unsafe practices during the fabrication process.

Q: Are the comparisons between engineered stone and asbestos true or false?

A: False. Unlike asbestos, engineered stone may be harmful only during the fabrication process. Diseases related to silica dust can develop as a result of unprotected and continued exposure to silica dust when the correct processes or protection is not used.”

Q: Will I still be able to purchase Smartstone engineered stone surfaces until that date?

A: Yes. Smartstone will continue to sell and clear stock until the prohibition date or when we run out, whichever comes first.

Q: Does Smartstone have a surface alternative to replace engineered stone products?

A: Yes. Smartstone will launch a new collection called sintered stone early in 2024.


“Firstly, no matter the Caesarstone® surface you have in your home, we can assure you it is completely safe. It is in the fabrication process where stonemasons, if not following correct safety procedures, can be exposed to fine crystalline silica particles.

In the transition period, from now until 1 July 2024 the sale and installation of mineral surfaces, including our extensive low silica range will continue. We will provide updates as soon as we get further information.

As part of our commitment to continuous innovation, we are implementing a plan to transition our current, market-leading design collection to a new crystalline silica-free formulation which will retain the same ease of fabrication and functional performance characteristics as current materials. This new material will launch in Australia in the first half of 2024.

Quantum Quartz

The government has recently announced their decision to ban engineered stone containing crystalline silica from 1 July 2024, in view of that we have been preparing and fine tuning our stone offering.

WK Stone is committed to the safety and development of innovative surfaces and are excited to lead the way with QUANTUM ZERO recycled surfaces. QUANTUM ZERO contains no crystalline silica in any of the materials ingredients. It is a recycled surface that looks, feels and cuts the same as that recently banned stone that you have loved over the years.

We are currently colour matching existing Quantum Quartz colours to QUANTUM ZERO. (Quantum Quartz will continue to be available until 30 June 2024 or while stocks last)