How to find the right Stonemason -
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How to find the right Stonemason

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How to find the right Stonemason

In this article we will be discussing everything about finding the right Stonemason for you. Searching for the right Stonemason can be difficult, who is trust worthy? How do they work? Why are the prices different? How is the overall customer experience? These questions are important the moment you are looking for a new kitchen, we from Stone Solutions know that the kitchen is one of the area’s in your house where excellence is a necessity.

How Stonemasons work

Many Stonemasons work in complete different ways, the variate way of working will affect the price, the service and the quality. There are companies that outsource most of their production and installation, companies that outsource their production but do the installation themselves, or companies that do the production and installation all “in-house”.
The benefits of a Stonemason that do their production and installation “in-house” is that the quality is maintained throughout the whole process. From the moment the slab arrives, the cutting, polishing and the installation itself. At Stone Solutions we don’t like to outsource any facet of the production nor installation, so we can monitor the quality during the production. We have our own Factory in Sydney and installation team.

A company that outsources all of their production and installation will not see the finished product and have to trust on the Stonemasons they partner with. When a company outsources the production but do their installation themselves will find similar difficulties with the finished product, if they find any flaws while installing, they must finish the benchtop on site. With a Stonemason that does the whole process “in-house” this all will be minimalized.

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