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Kitchen Benchtops Sydney

Engineered stone is a man made a product that was produced in the late 80s by a company called Breton. Breton fine tuned this process and patented their technology. Engineered stone contains more than 94% natural quartz one of earth’s hardest minerals. This hard quartz matrix is bound with a polymer bonding agent. There is then a range of other pigments and aggregates that will create different colours giving the finished product its rare beauty and uniqueness.
Because of the properties provided by the manufacturing process of engineered stone, it is is the ideal low maintenance, the hygienic choice for benchtops, splashbacks, vanities and more…
There have been many copies of the Breton process over the years which have come out of SE Asia and other countries. These copies are made up of less quartz and more of the bonding agent which does not perform in the longer term. These copy stones do not carry a reputable warranty. Stone Solutions does not use copy products. We only source from accredited, certified reputable suppliers. We make sure our clients will have a product that will last the test of time and still have its beauty and style in years to come. Stone Solutions main suppliers are from the leading brands in Australia offering a 10 -15 Year Warranty.

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