Kitchen Makeovers & Overlay stone -
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Kitchen Makeovers offer the possibility of giving your existing kitchen the fresh look it may need, without all the concern and cost of changing the cabinetry or connections i.e. plumbing and electrical, therefor potentially saving you thousands with the same end result. In some cases, the actual layout of the kitchen won’t change without doing a major renovation. Makeovers or facelifts don’t restrict you to having to put up with an old tatty collapsed cupboard, if necessary we can replace old cupboards and add new ones also.


Overlay stone goes hand in hand with kitchen makeovers. At stone solutions, we have experience in all types of engineered stone, marble & granite. That includes overlay stone or 7mm stone. Overlay stone is an Engineered stone, produced in 7mm slabs allowing the stone to go over existing substrates IE laminate benchtops, it is quick and easy to install with minimal demolition and mess, is functional, durable and maintenance free, heat, stain, scratch and impact resistant and comes with a 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.